Monk Metal Windows Avanti Specification

Source and Authority – Windows and Doors to be supplied by Monk Metal Windows Ltd in compliance with BS 6510 : 2005 and recognised good practice to suit a design wind pressure of 1200pa unless otherwise specified.

Appearance – Frames to be manufactured from galvanised steel strip to BS EN 10142:90. Precision cold rolled into hollow profiles, with a wall thickness of 1.5mm a width of 55mm, a glazing platform of 50mm and a glazing rebate of 20mm.

Material – Profiles shall be from the Avanti range, nominal width 55mm, cold rolled from galvanized steel to EN 10327:2004. Alloy Fe P02G Z200/Fe E 250 GZ275 MA-C .Tolerance on dimension and shape to Euronorm 143-79.

Construction – Profiles are machined for fittings in bar form then welded into frames sized within tolerances of +/- 2mm. All welds are carefully dressed and significant welded surfaces linished to a smooth finish. Glazing bar ends and cross joints to be welded and dressed square and flat.

Finish – The coiled steel strip to be subject to a combined process of immersion in molten zinc and smooth passing in an automatic plant, providing a zinc coating thickness of 20 micrometers. After cutting and machining a stoved polyester colour coating is to be applied to the performance criteria of BS EN 13438:2005 with a minimum paint thickness over zinc on significant surfaces of 60 micrometres.

Weatherseals – Ventilators shall be weathersealed with EPDM rubber gaskets secured into recessed grooves. Brush pile seals shall be secured into recessed grooves on double action swing doors.

Fittings – Hinged casements have either concealed stainless steel variable geometry sliding friction hinges or steel hinges, face mounted and welded, screwed or riveted to the frame.
A range of handles, catches, stays and openers are available in various materials and finishes.

Fixing – Windows will be supplied with rustproofed screws, plugs and/or lugs to suit specified builder’s openings. Composite assemblies will be delivered in separate units to be coupled together on site by those responsible for fixing. When contracted to install, appropriate external perimeter sealants will be applied.

Glazing – Windows will be designed for drained and ventilated glazing on site, from inside or outside, of insulating glass units up to 28mm thick, using factory finished beads with polymer rubber gaskets, or tape and silicone capping. All in accordance with BS 8000:Part 7.